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Facebook Censorship and Discrimination Continues:  WTF Magazine Victimized


Cochranville, Pennsylvania – November 4, 2014.  Facebook censorship cost dozens of WTF Magazine employees their jobs when its page was suddenly deleted, without warning or explanation.

WTF Magazine, LLC was formed by owner Jason Fyk on September 17, 2010 Fyk branded “Where’s the Fun” because WTF? IS all about the “fun” stuff.  WTF Magazine is a recognized popular brand and has fans from more than 100 countries (cumulatively between its now-deleted Facebook page and the website).

“The premise of the WTF Magazine Facebook page and online magazine is to focus on topics, events and all forms of entertainment that are new, edgy, exciting, trending and FUN; hence our unique tagline – ‘we cover what’s not covered’.”  WTF Magazine had a very large fan base because we provided content based on what our fans wanted.  Facebook dictates what people actually see.  What people WANT to see is what we provide, but the fact of the matter is that FACEBOOK doesn’t like it.  The opinion of the select few are dictating for the masses, regardless of the fact that Facebook rules are being followed.”  Jason Fyk – WTF Magazine, LLC Founder and Owner

Fact:  WTF Magazine’s brand was so popular (pre-blue check verification days) that it ranked in the top five social pages on all of Facebook (WTF Magazine was #5).

Fact:  WTF Magazine’s ad account was disabled and WTF Magazine was advised by Facebook that they didn’t like WTF Magazine’s Facebook business model.

Fact:  George Takei is one example of a celebrity who uses the same business model on his Facebook page that WTF Magazine uses.  George Takei’s Facebook page – using WTF Magazine’s business model – is verified with Facebook’s blue checkmark and thriving.


NEW ... page profile original

The above screenshot represents that WTF Magazine had a proven track record of successful viewership on its Facebook page before it was deleted on November 4, 2014, at which time the page had over 2.1 million fans (and, cumulatively, with additional WTF Magazine-managed pages, a total of approximately 28 million fans).  Over a period of four years – and a lot of advertising dollars paid directly to Facebook – WTF Magazine employees grew the business page’s fan base by providing its fans with not only daily trending topics, images and videos, but also entertaining and original content that was often shared from its website (   The WTF Magazine Facebook page is now GONE.  The link to the recently-deleted WTF Magazine Facebook page (created on July 15, 2010) was; the link to the new WTF Magazine Facebook page (created on November 4, 2014) is

UPDATE:  November 13, 2014, nine days after WTF Magazine had its original Facebook page deleted, any individual having administrative rights on any and all WTF Magazine-owned pages had their accounts deleted; the owner, himself, lost two personal pages.  Facebook does periodic “purges” of accounts in order to delete accounts which are believed to be fake.  Because the WTF Magazine admin accounts are real, they will be appealed; in the interim, however, WTF Magazine loses income without the ability to effectively manage its pages via admin control.  Administrators on a Facebook page have full control over the page and its content; however, when an “admin” is deleted, only “editors” are left to manage the page.  Facebook page editors do not possess the same rights and privileges as admins.  Facebook has the ability to delete a page if spam or inappropriate content is posted.  Admin accounts affected by deletion must wait for Facebook to review their appeals.  ALL of the WTF Magazine-related pages are now vulnerable to page attacks.

Fact: All WTF Magazine-related pages are over three years old, but the accounts reporting/attacking Jason Fyk and his Facebook pages/accounts are brand new.  Facebook statistics show that new accounts are typically spamming accounts.

Fact: Facebook is deleting real, active accounts during its practice of arbitrary purges; however, the new “suspect/spamming” accounts responsible for the mass-reporting against specific pages – are NOT being confirmed as “real” by Facebook or being deleted; thereby posing a threat to actual, real, active Facebook accounts and pages.

WTF Magazine has conducted an official cyber-security investigation against a community of users on Facebook guilty of cyber bullying.  WTF Magazine and all of its associated pages have been recently attacked by this community.  When Facebook performs its purges that result in deletion of WTF Magazine-related pages, it typically occurs as an aftermath of cyber-bullying by this community.

For additional relevant information regarding page attacks and cyber bullying against WTF Magazine, please see and

Jason Fyk is demanding immediate restoration of WTF Magazine’s original Facebook page, as well as the accounts of all admins associated therewith.