After their stunning self-titled debut earlier this year it feels like Holy Grove have been riding a rocket to the top. This is a band who understand the fundamental spirit of rock and roll and imbue it with the stoned reveries that make the genre so potent. I had a chance to sit down with them at Psycho Las Vegas, a festival I attended with our dear editor, Lou Colagiovanni, and talked to vocalist Andrea and guitarist Trent about their musical backgrounds and upcoming European tour.

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WTF: How the hell are you guys?

Andrea (A): I’m feeling pretty good!

Trent (T): Pretty excellent.

WTF: After a great show like today how do you feel?

A: Satisfied. We have been really looking forward to this show and playing Psycho for a while now. It just feels really good to be done.

T: It felt good to have what felt like a strong good response in a full room. We weren’t sure that was going to happen playing so early. We weren’t sure anyone was going to be there.

A: That was one of our biggest crowds to date! We played to a lot of people who haven’t seen us before but who were curious.

WTF: What do you think draws them to Holy Grove?

A: The fact that we have a record out! (Laughter)

T: I think the vocals are a strong front and center attraction.

WTF: How did you develop them?

A: I’ve always sang throughout my life. I like seeing a lot of live music and listening to music and I know what it means to have the opportunity to do something like that on stage in front of so many people.

WTF: What does it mean to have that opportunity?

A: I don’t take it for granted. People are there to let loose, so I do too!

WTF: Why do you think this breed of stoner rock is exploding?

A: Everything gets trendy! Is that a bad thing to say? It’s never left me, I’ve always listened to this music. I think it’s great that bands are reaping the years that they sown to make it as a band. It’s nice to see good bands get the ability to tour abroad and make a little money. I don’t know where it came from but I’m glad it did because there is a serious element lacking out there.

WTF: Andrea, you said you’ve been listening to this music your whole life, what drew you to it?

A: My father, he just loved rock and roll.

T: I didn’t really grow up around much rock and roll. My parents listened to contemporary country, I discovered it later on my own being an MTV kid sitting around my house. It was a total revelation to me around twelve years old. I like heavy rock and roll of all stripes from punk to metal. I think I came along at a time where there was a nexus of all that happening. The 80s had happened with metal and rock and roll then the grunge thing came in and it was all happening at the same time so I ended up getting influenced by all of it at once rather than one particular thing.

WTF: I also feel like you have the advantage of the Portland scene…

A: Absolutely! It’s a great community.

T: There’re so many good bands you are constantly inspired and have to keep up.

A: It has the best bands and people. We are looking forward to touring too and going to good shows in Portland all the time.

WTF: It’s funny to me that you have your Euro tour lined up before your US one…

A: Gozu are taking us out – it’s going to be awesome.

T: We met them for the first time today and it was super cool!

WTF: Are there plans for a US tour?

T: Not right now. There’s nothing on the books but there’s nothing we wouldn’t do.

WTF: Do you feel like Holy Grove has blown up faster than you expected?

T: I don’t think we expected anything. We are just rolling with it. We are just having a blast playing rock and roll.

WTF: How do you feel about the Vegas experience as a whole?

A: I mean it’s like a fucking dream come true! It’s wonderful being around so many new people and amazing musicians.

T: You just walk down the hall and your friends and heroes are everywhere. There is no division between bands and everyone else.

WTF: Is there a market for this sort of thing to keep going?

T: I think so – as long as people buy records.

A: Did you see the merch line today? It was huge! So many people are into it!

WTF: What do you guys love so much about music?

A: It’s a great release and a great way to meet people.

T: It’s the perfect release.

A: Stay tuned for 2017!