“Don’t judge Joe Biden’s driving skills based on motorcade’s recent accident in downtown Wilmington” reported Delawareonline.

There was little else reported by the national media when Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade collided with several vehicles in Wilmington, Delaware during the afternoon of October 31st, Halloween day other than the vice president “was not injured”. However, much more occurred on that fateful day which has left a single mother of five completely shattered and near destitution? Not everyone was left uninjured.

Gina Cherwaty, 41, a single mother of 5, was on her way to work when her vehicle was struck by Biden’s motorcade. A few months ago Cherwaty’s ex-husband was found murdered by her children. Before his death he retained custody of two of their children, and after his death the custody of those children were returned to Cherwaty. She is now the sole bread winner for the family and works in a dentist’s office earning $14 dollars an hour working 4 days a week.



As the national media paid no attention to the victim in this accident, Cherwaty took some time to speak to the owner of WTF Magazine, a longtime friend of Cherwaty. Jason Fyk, the owner of WTF Magazine had this to say:

“Normally we don’t get into publishing political articles of any kind but Gina is not only a friend of mine but this whole thing is appalling on how our government has handled this. To see Biden on the Jay Leno show commenting how he likes speed and for people not to judge him by his motorcade sent me over the edge. How about you tell the truth and explain the lives that you damage and have zero regard for.”


Cherwaty pointed out: “Joe Biden is supposed to be on “Leno’s Garage” the day after the election and the commercial is him on there talking about he likes to speed. That is just such a slap in the face to me.”

After Cherwaty’s vehicle was struck she was asked, “Did anybody in the motorcade stop? Did they get out of their vehicles to offer you any help?”

Cherwaty replied:

No. I was at a light and there was a state trooper to my left and there was another vehicle to my right. We were all stopped at a red light, and once the light turned green all three of us proceeded to go. Then this car on our left came out of nowhere and crashed into the police vehicle, my vehicle, and then the third vehicle. And it was, I guess, the leader of Joe Biden’s motorcade. Once the accident happened I thought I had been involved in a hit and run, like the police were chasing the car, and it was going extremely fast. I didn’t know that I was hit by the motorcade until after they made me move my car out of the way so that the rest of the motorcade could get through. They made us move our cars along the sidewalk. I was sitting there in shock. I was not allowed to go anywhere, and nobody would give me any answers. I asked a Secret Service guy which vehicle hit us and he said, “No comment.”

Cherwaty described what it was like moments before Biden’s motorcade came crashing through and changed her life forever:

“When the vehicle came through the intersection they did not have their sirens on, or their lights on to indicate they were coming. We had no way of knowing the vehicle was coming, and the light was green. We had the right of way. It was a red light for them. There was a Secret Service guy standing by my car after the accident. I tried to look at the damage that had been done, but I was told I could not and I had to sit. I was holding the left side of my neck I was in pain. They made me sit down, and a fireman and EMT came to me and they called an ambulance.”

When Cherwaty finally made it to the hospital, the doctors found the damage done to her body was substantial. Worse yet, she was refused care:


“I was in the hospital all day and they did a CAT scan and an MRI. They recommended I see a neurologist, so they gave me a doctor’s name and number to contact. (Doctor Kennedy Yalamanchiliwho) I called the office the next day and they turned me away because I do not have medical insurance. “

After an ambulance arrived at the scene Chertway’s vehicle was towed not by a company of her choosing or to a destination of her choice. She was then forced to pay the cost of $179 at her own expense to avoid the impound lot’s steep $50 a day fee.

The despicable and callous nature of what transpired against Chertway is jaw dropping, but it gets worse. The accident has left her unable work, and she is soon to be financially destitute:

“I have five children and my two youngest were living with my ex-husband and they were traumatized because they found him dead back in July. I have four of my children living with me now and one is living on their own out of the house. After my ex died, my last car blew up and stopped running. I did not have another vehicle until about two weeks ago when I bought the car that was hit by the motorcade. I had only gotten the tags for it on Friday and insured over the weekend, and then on Monday I obviously didn’t make it to work. Now that vehicle has been destroyed too, and I only make $14 an hour before taxes, supporting 4 children. I do not have the money to buy another vehicle. I only have $400 in my bank account. I have been unable to work since the accident due to my injuries. I was given a doctor’s note excusing me from work for two weeks, but my employer told me they cannot wait that long and will have to fire me. I have no health insurance because I can’t pay for Obamacare so I’m going to be fined for that too. I don’t know how I am going to afford to pay rent or my medical bills and here they are making a joke of it in the News Journal. My life has been ruined.”


Nobody from the White House has reached out to Cherwaty to offer her assistance or even concern. She has little recourse as she stays in her bed attempting to heal from her various injuries that included damage to multiple disks in her back, and possible brain injury.


Her friend Fyk has setup a Gofundme to help lessen the financial burden Cherwaty is about to endure. You can help support Cherwaty here: https://www.gofundme.com/bidens-hit-and-run-on-a-single-mom

There is further tragic irony relating to Joe Biden’s motorcade ruining a mother’s life, and the lives of her children. Joe Biden’s former wife, Neilia Hunter, and 13-month-old daughter Naomi, were killed in a car accident in 1972. Maybe it’s time to slow down?

Biden and Homeland security have a responsibility towards Cherwaty that has not been fulfilled. She should be recognized. She is the victim in this scenario and deserves help!

What do you think?