Today in gaming news, Youtuber John Bain better known as ‘Totalbiscuit or Cynical Brit’, received a DMCA claim from what seemed to bogus and not even from the developer of the game he was reviewing.


This week there was another DMCA claim brought upon the popular Youtuber named “Sargon of Akkad” as well from the Guardian newspaper in the UK claiming he used images from their articles when using said material is covered under fair use laws implemented into Youtube’s infrastructure. The claim was then later overturned after multiple articles from , The Ralph Retort, and other outlets showcased it.

There seems to be an ongoing issue on Youtube with people abusing the DMCA claim service and hopefully it gets worked out because Youtubers are an important part of how people take in media these days. I have reached out to Totalbiscuit for a comment and hope to have a reply back soon if he decides to go further into it.

Michael Winton

Content creator/writer for WTF Magazine LLC

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