I am a content creator for WTF Magazine and I don’t like when I see other content creators in the entertainment industry being bullied by people in higher positions than they. We too have been pushed around by more affluent people on Facebook that have millions to spend on ads to shove their clickbait articles about nonsense down peoples’ throats while we’re just here to entertain people and make them forget about their shitty lives for a few minutes browsing our pages.

What’s going on with h3h3productions and Fullscreen right now is a textbook example of exploiting Youtube’s copyright system to silence those who haven’t enough clout to fight back due to risk of losing their channel and livelihood. Here are some tweets about it if anyone is interested because I find it offensive as a content creator to see this happening.


Man, it’s pretty sad how even his own network he uses is siding against him. If anyone knows of any youtube networks, he can join, please tweet at him here on this tweet.

All of this boils down to greed. The copyright system in place clearly states that using other peoples’ content falls under fair use as long as it’s satirical or used in an educational or informative means and not just ripping and reposting content. This is an egregious abuse of Youtube’s content flagging system and you should voice your opinion via the #PowerToTheCreators and #Fullscreenlife hashtags on Twitter and you can find Ethan’s channel here. This turn of events saddens me and only reaffirms what I’ve been afraid of when corporate interests eventually override common sense.