Youtube is changing and possibly for the worse. An unnamed ”popular” Youtube personality sent a gamedev an email asking for 22 grand to do a video talking about their game for their millions of subscribers. 

This sets an unnecessary precedent on Youtube and is in clear violation of FTC’s regulations regarding Youtubers hot on the heels of the latest Machinima controversy. One wonders if even approaching Youtubers is worth the trouble due to possibility of being asked to pay high fees to cover their products. We’re even selling a new camera now called the V.360 HD camera and I can’t help but wonder if I email a Youtuber, will I receive a similar email reply back asking for 22 grand as well to use our camera for them to shoot video?

I want to believe that Youtubers make enough money from ads so they have no need to ask for huge fees to promote items, games, or services but stories like this make me think otherwise. I’m not giving up by any means marketing our new product we’re reps for because it’s just one of many big things we have in the works at WTF Magazine. 


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