Sometimes you run across a story that is just too funny to not actually write about yourself. There’s a comet that is set on a course for Earth that is set to hit on Nov 13th. Scientists warn the manmade junk, officially designated WT1190F but nicknamed WTF, will strike Earth at around 6 in the morning. They’re also saying that it’s debris left over from the Apollo missions. We’re stoked here at WTF Magazine to see if we can somehow adopt this comet to signify how we plan to land in the media scene now that we’re officially verified on Facebook.


We’re still here and still fighting and not unlike the phoenix of ancient lore. This comet discovery coupled with our verificiation via FB has to be some kind of miracle. I’m convinced of this, but I digress.

Astronomy software developer Bill Gray, told journal Nature: “I would not necessarily want to be going fishing directly underneath it.” We’re quite honored at WTF to have a comet named after us. Good lookin out NASA. There’s a lot of junk that orbits the earth but this is the first documented one that’s actually re-entered the atmosphere. Scientists also say the Sun and Moon’s gravity was what pulled this chunk of debris into our world. We’re curious as to what happens when it lands and will watch intently.

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