DON’T BE BEATEN: Imagine yourself in the ring like Rocky once was. Your opponent is swinging away at you. You feel beaten before you even hit that mat. If you remember to simply not be beaten, your opponent has to continue to swing at you. The question is who has the better stamina. In my circumstance, I simply just don’t give up no matter how defeated I feel.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: I have said this more often than I can count. I started WTF Magazine with the intentions of making it big in the publications game. When I realized the money was going to come from affiliate social media marketing, that’s the path I chose. To everyone else they thought WTF was making it big but the reality was I followed the money. Now that social media has clamped down on affiliate marketing I’m investing the time, money, and effort into the magazine and modeling company again while keeping in mind if there is another venture that makes more I will be following it.

DON’T GET HUNG UP: If something isn’t working, let it go. Simple as that.

TRUST NO ONE: Though there are exceptions to this rule, you need to keep one thing in mind. We are all separate beings with separate motivations. If you want to survive in the business world you need to rely on your own skills and achievements. Putting together a team of trustworthy people is very hard to do and has proved to be one of my biggest challenges.

PLAN TO FAIL: If you plan for failure you learn from it and eventually know how to avoid it.

LEARN FROM FAILURE: One of the best assets I have to date is a repertoire of experiencing failure. I think I have managed to mess nearly everything up in my life and because of all those failures I now avoid the mistakes I previously made. Don’t be afraid to fail.

ALIGN YOURSELF: Hang out with the correct people! Even if it means pretending you like golf or you bang the boss; just get in that group of people! If you surround yourself with successful people you achieve more than if you surround yourself with losers.

BLOW THE RIGHT BRIDGES: A much overlooked, and maybe ignored, issue is “who you know and who you blow.” Well it’s real and I try to explain this to people. Favoritism is very much a part of business. A guy once said to me, “Do you know what happens when a billionaire likes a millionaire?” I responded “No what?” and the¬†guy said “He becomes a billionaire.” The fact is if someone of higher stature and success takes an interest in you, you’re going to be running up the success ladder faster. In some cases using your looks to your advantage is just as good a tactic as business savvy but knowing who is the real player and who isn’t makes all the difference. So no matter what method you use to get the favor of someone successful, make sure they are the real deal. Because a guy that is leasing a Benz may talk big, but lives paycheck to paycheck. The guy that shows up in a Jeep covered in mud might be a millionaire.