You see, there’s nothing truly¬†special¬†about this Mexican float, I mean, it’s well done – but it’s not above and beyond anything you’d see in any sort of parade you might see on a major holiday. What makes it special is the utterly random appearance of this float – why the hell did these guys think they should drive their float and perform in the middle of a suburban neighborhood? I went to the comments to see if anybody had gotten to the bottom of the mystery, but this being Youtube, all I got was racism and a shocking amount of Donald Trump support. Really Youtube? This is nuts even for you!

The point being, things like the Fantastic Randomly Appearing Mexican Float (as the video calls it) prove to me that there is still magic in this world and a lot of times beautifully random things can just happen. In a way I find this Mexican float to be encouraging because it suggests that when you think you’ve seen it all, it’s only just the beginning.