I have been following this story for past few weeks and it’s been quite unnerving to see how far people will go to defend a so called ”fandom” under the guise of equality. There are people who became so mad that Paige Paz, also known by her online handleZamii070”, dared to draw Steven Universe characters in a way that was deemed ”fatphobic, transphobic, whateverphobic is in this week” by wacko online ‘activists’ and proceeded to bully the girl to the point where she attempted suicide. I’ve seen some really sick shit posted out about this girl and I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with people to get so mad over a kids’ tv show. 

I don’t think people realize just how sick the internet has become. Activism is now running a Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook page and whatever rolls out of one’s mind onto the web is now seen as serious input. Before the advent and popularity of social media, it was pure white noise like on those old TVs with the cable box unhooked hissing endlessly. There’s a certain sect of society that is able to hyperfocus that noise and make it really vicious and use it to ‘punish’ those who they deem worthy of doing wrong things according to their warped world view.

Art is just that. It’s art. Each artist draws what they draw differently and acting like it’s anything else than that or a ‘personal attack’ on yourself is stupid and pointless. There needs to be a line where people learn to not cross and bullying a kid into attempting suicide ain’t cool.

There then needs to be a real discussion about what harassment online really is. Does it really exist or is it just blown up out of proportion by gullible kids who just don’t know when to turn away and others who don’t know when to stop pushing? That is the 64 dollar question. If you think about it from a purely objective standpoint with no experience on the internet, then one could really be off put by something like this. We tweeted about this the other day while I was gauging the story angle and was met with quite a few engagements.


I just hope that this will make people realize when to call it a wash and just step away from the computer. The people harassing this girl are wrong. They hold no power in the end and when you stand up to bullies, they wilt. They always wilt. People who talk shit online are usually paper tigers 99.99% of the time and aren’t worth engaging. Learn to turn the computer off. Myself included. I’ve gotten into a few online spats with idiots over idiotic things and it ain’t worth it. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my rambling.

Breitbart story by the lovely Allum Bokhari here and Paige has since released a video update prior to this story publishing.

UPDATE: Apparently one of the people who sent Zamii death threats got arrested allegedly. I’ll update this post as more things come out or if this turns out to be bogus