Today, I woke up to seeing multiple tweets and Facebook posts about how Reddit’s AMA coordinator was fired for seemingly no reason other than rumors floating around about a botched Jesse Jackson AMA session. I’m still gathering details and will update my article accordingly pertaining to what info I receive.

The entire Reddit community responded to the firing of the beloved AMA coordinator with nothing more than something amazing. So far there are upwards to 30 subreddits ranging from small ones to huge ones with 100’s of thousands of subs. This might be another kick in the gut to the censorship friendly environment that Ellen Pao has fostered on Reddit and might be the beginning of the end of the site. Here are some users on Twitter weighing in. There are multiple hashtags and subreddits chronicling which subreddits are still alive or dead here to follow and stay up on the latest developments as I am doing the same.

They’re going full damage control now to shut this story down. Aaron Swartz would be proud of the userbase on Reddit today. Let’s all hope that this trend continues.

The biggest subreddit so far to shut down is r/jokes with 3.5 million subs.

So far over 20 subreddits have set to private in solidarity and protest against the AMA coordinator’s firing today . Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates and follow us on Facebook for comic relief! Don’t forget to share our article around too so that everyone can stay informed. One can only wonder if now sites like Voat will physically be able to take up Reddit’s mantle. We too at WTF have an app in the works that rivals sites like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc. so who knows what the future holds for all of us in the media industry?




UPDATE 2 : Allegedly it wasn’t the botched Jesse Jackson AMA that led to her termination but rather the Reddit brass wanted her to do things that didn’t benefit the Reddit user base.

Update 3 : Here is a live stream of latest news on the latest developments on the site  and also a post stating allegedly that admins have seized control of the r/pics subreddit which is one of the biggest subreddits on the site. We’re waiting for further verification as to if this is true or not.