The past two days have been tough ones for the new fledgling alternative site to Reddit called They have been under attack from what seems to be angry users of Reddit’s site or perhaps hired ”hackers” paid to harass the new site and try to drive away the new users. I use the term hackers in quotations because the ones that do this type of stuff aren’t hackers at all but just script kiddies looking to make a name for themselves by being annoyances really.



The attack again comes on the heels of the massive influx of users onto the new site after Ellen Pao’s decision to ‘ban harassing subreddits’ by axing /r/Fatpeoplehate and 4 other low subscriber subreddits. It has set a precedent that Reddit no longer welcomes free speech and from Ellen Pao’s earlier statements on her vision for Reddit, it will only get worse so if you post there, be sure to not hurt any feelings!  All we can do is hope that either someone steps in and has Ellen Pao step down so to save Aaron Swartz’s legacy or either replace Reddit entirely with sites like Either way it’s a step towards securing free internet and free speech for generations to come.

Site traffic on Reddit has taken a major hit since all these ”announcements” and ”changes” implemented in the new censorship friendly environment of Reddit

We here at WTF Magazine endorse free speech and support it 1000% even when it’s something we don’t want to hear or find offensive. Just because you don’t like or approve of what someone has to say gives you no right to keep them from having a forum to say it. That is what makes the internet wonderful and scary at the same time. We have to find that middle ground or we will get nowhere. Thanks for reading!


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