The alleged “genius” behind the world’s largest online shopping network for narcotics and other services like hiring hit men and weapons has been given two terms of life sentences and three smaller sentences. Ross Ulbricht, the 29-year-old behind the deep web bazaar, was also ordered to give up $184 million out of the $187 million the website made, which it’s also estimated that this “Ebay for Drugs” had an estimate of $1.2 billion in transactions.

In February, Ulbricht was convicted the following by Judge

          – running a continuing criminal enterprise

          – computer-hacking conspiracy

          – narcotics-trafficking conspiracy

          –  trafficking drugs on the web

          – money-laundering conspiracy

          – murder-for-hire charges (in Baltimore)

          – and more….

This guy was put on the spot for tracking down someone trying to blackmail him and hiring members of the Hell’s Angels biker gang to kill the dude. So before you stake the claim that this is a way to keep violence away from the streets and put towards online activity; yes it can lead you to getting killed if there is enough incentive. Those same hitmen were paid a total of $650,000 to assassinate 4 more people, in addition.


“Good night, Silk Road. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”


Ulbricht’s sentence was so lengthy because the judge wanted his case to be served as a lesson to those committing similar crimes on the web. The amount of crimes that Dread Pirate Roberts, a pseudonym for character in the 1973 cult classic The Princess Bride, has been accused of should no be taken as a light offense. Sure you have those keyboard warriors that think our rights are being impeded upon, “Congrats Johnny Law, you just put a cork in a dam that was completely destroyed years ago…” says one on CNN. However, it’s hard to feel sympathy for someone who put up hit men and drug services from his very own escrow account. Those who testified said family members who used Silk Road’s services are suffering. I shouldn’t have to remind you how bad heroin is, as we all had to sit through those D.A.R.E. lectures about the things drugs do to you. By selling such products, Ulbricht contributed to the loss of life indirectly as a result of his product.

This guy has probably more under his belt for services done and was planning to do, prior to getting shut down. Granted, I do question what led to his capture and conviction, being that bitcoin is an encrypted currency, and is not so easily broken, even under government computer systems. Moreso, the site itself existed on a secure network away from the common folk to see by a mere Google search. Granted, you could find Google the address and use the appropriate information to find how to search and browse on the site.


Probably not a place you go to get something for the family.

Except for that one step-mother that you want to cash in on her inheritance. 

At the end of the day I say this guy had it coming: from drugs, to weapons, to forgeries, and certain services making sure that people on the internet won’t bother you again. Ever. Ross Ulbricht was probably not the first, nor the last, person to create a known a marketplace to make any sort of illicit and odd service available to anyone with the right amount of [bit]coin. The sentence was just, granted the feds went through all the right mediums in order to prove this guy was the only individual behind the mass market . Otherwise, if you are bragging about how much of a bad ass you are by selling drugs and being some internet king pin, someone might want to make a bigger example of you too and put your bumhole up for sale on a new illicit marketplace. Don’t worry, shouldn’t cost too much.


Edible is probably not the word to be used in the case of Ulbricht. But get it while it’s fresh.