Brian Frosh, the Maryland Attorney General , is under fire because his Deputy Attorney General was secretly recorded making controversial statements by the research group Project Veritas.

A video was released by the group of a private conversation that happened in October at an out-of-state conference. In the video a Project Veritas operative posed as a student who was able to get Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah to admit, “I am terrified about people figuring out that I don’t know about lots of areas of the law. It is a big deal. It is my job to oversee these divisions I don’t know much about.” As it happens he is in charge of a variety of divisions at the Attorney General’s office including Medicare fraud, and criminal anti-trust.

Vignarajah also stated, “My complete answer, off the record, is we should ban guns altogether, period. If you want gun practice with a gun, you can go to the gun range and then you leave it there and you go home.”

His statement sent shock waves across social media with thousands of pro-gun advocates calling for Vignarajah’s resignation. However that does not look like it will happen anytime in the future. Attorney General Frosh’s spokesperson, David Nitkin, said,  “Mr. Vignarajah is a skilled prosecutor and experienced manager. He is not only brilliant, he’s also self-effacing, humble and human.” Nitkin went on to say that Attorney General Frosh “is not concerned about private views shared by employees in private conversations.”