Can you feel the intensity?  You can cut it with a knife!

Depending on which viewer you ask, Kung Fury will be described as everything that is right or wrong with the Internet. Kung Fury took to Kickstarter in December of 2013 to see if the public had an appetite for ridiculous hyperbole, with a time traveling cop who meets vikings riding dinosaurs wielding machine guns to fight the greatest villain the world has ever known.  Here’s a hint; he has a famous mustache.  They had hoped to raise $200,000 and instead raised $630,000.   There is too, of course, the soon to be cult hit of a theme song by none other than 80s icon David Hasselhoff.

The honest truth is that you will either love or hate this 30 minute film, and that is ok.  All that matters here is that you watch the video, because who doesn’t have a free half-an-hour?  It just might change your life and you can thank me later.


Theme song: