Tonight I was greeted online with Gawker’s publication running a piece on the CFO of Condenast apparently having an affair with a gay pornstar and outed the man for what seems to be some personal axe to grind that Gawker themselves has with Condenast. Condenast used to own Reddit and still has influence on the site in the form of shares and contacts. Gawker ran multiple pieces criticizing Reddit’s decision to remove Ellen Pao from interim CEO and Huffman stepped up to the helm. Huffman is quoted saying they will look to classify certain ‘hate subreddits’ to help filter out unsavory content to bring in advertisers to keep revenue up. I’m paraphrasing so please excuse me if the quote isn’t ‘exactly’ what he says but that’s what i drug from the NY Times article on his taking over Pao’s position. Well that apparently wasn’t enough for Gawker because this horrid article posted this evening that even has Gawker senior writers distancing themselves from their own publication they write for. All it takes is a quick Google search to find out the connections between Condenast and aggregation site Reddit as a whole.


You know it’s BAD whenever your colleagues want no part with a story such as this. What baffles me as a journalist myself is why run a piece like this that basically sheds a negative light on being a gay man so soon after gay marriage laws were passed in the United States? This is such a bizarre story at any angle I look at this.

Here are some more reactions from other journalists and activists from Twitter. Nobody is amused by Gawker’s antics. One can only wonder if Hulk Hogan’s impending lawsuit might have something to do with this slash and burn journalism Gawker is doing today.¬†

Now it’s no surprise I’m no fan of Gawker. They have been vehemently against the online consumer revolt that is Gamergate for a year now and for good reason. They’re literally the type of journalism that the online revolt fights, the type that destroys lives. What Gawker did to the CFO for Condenast could potentially ruin his life and his family will become estranged over what? A few million page views on their website, that’s what. Gawker’s power hungry approach to venomous attack journalism is the most unethical type of journalism ever practiced. Even Nick Denton himself is involved in an unpaid intern scandal now where interns are now suing Gawker for long slave labor like hours with no pay.¬†

Let’s just go through some of Gawker’s past transgressions and let the readers decide their opinions.

Gawker leaked a script for Quentin Tarantino’s movie and he sued


Gawker shits on other corporations for not paying taxes while doing the same themselves


Gawker has no idea how videogame development works or how geography works. (Kotaku is owned by Gawker)



Gawker has petulant children for writers


Gawker has weirdos who write weirdo stories that really have no reason to even be published

Gawker as critical as they are of Reddit, can’t even use the site or control their own subreddit

Gawker is made up of arrogant, egotistical maniacs who love to poke hornets nests like 4chan

Gawker are sex negative puritans posing as progressives 

Again, Gawker hires adult children for writers

Gawker has no idea how to be subtle or professional at all

Even after all this stuff, Gawker still thinks they are untouchable



Here we have Gawker / Jezebel’s ethics policy for ”outing people” for their gender or sexual orientation.




Here is a Gawker writer angry at Reddit for not outright banning subreddits he doesn’t like or approve of.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

Here we have a Gawker writer blaming Charlie Hebdo for being shot for drawing his art. Disgraceful albeit opinion but still a repugnant piece to write about a man who got shot by terrorists for drawing cartoons and nothing else.


























Here we see more proof of an axe to grind against Reddit from Gawker’s writers. It’s getting to be a pattern over the years where Gawker has been trying to control content on Reddit by pressuring them via stories like this and shaming them into doing what they want.







Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

It’s fairly obvious now, that I have a clear disdain for Gawker but not just out of personal grievance but just the fact they are the most unprofessional site I’ve ever seen release a piece of journalism and their ethics are pretty much nonexistent. That’s my beef. Nothing more. I hope everyone enjoyed this rambling piece. It’s a bit longer than my usual articles but this story was a big one to tackle and I hope this spreads the news of exactly what kind of journalism is acceptable these days and what shouldn’t be and how we all need to improve as content creators and writers to make the fifth estate prosper and not stagnate and fester.

Here is some comments by Kotaku brass complaining that their Gawker owned clickbait is not welcome on Reddit.

This further proves the case that Gawker has had an axe to grind against Condenast / Reddit for years now. 

If I was a shareholder for Condenast or a brand under them, I would not be very amused at how Gawker targeted my CFO in an attempt to sew discord and disrupt my businesses.

This tactic seems to be quite combative and out of left field. I’m pretty sure their brands would like to know about how Gawker essentially targeted all of them for no other reason than to get clicks on their website….*winkwink nudge*

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Thanks for reading, everyone and let’s all try to improve as people and learn a lesson from Gawker in not how to act as a person.