I’ve been vocal in the Gamergate controversy on our Twitter for over a year. This past week, SXSW cancelled 2 panels dealing with online harassment that involved people involved in the Gamergate controversy in one form or another from either stoking the fires of harassment to claim victimhood for money, all the way to actual professionals in the Society of Professional Journalists. The response to SXSW cancelling these 2 panels due to ‘threats of violence’ have been drowned out by 35 articles, so far, of journalists basically just shitting out of their mouths in print and immediately blaming Gamergate supporters for sabotaging both panels although one had people sympathetic to the revolt itself and one had opponents to it. The fact that a pro-gg panel was cancelled is mentioned BARELY in any of these articles i’ve reviewed and have went the easy route of just blaming every person who’s used the hashtag to promote actual discussion of improving journalism and lumping them in with random internet trolls. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of shit reporting so I’m now going to report on 35 articles worth of this week’s flurry of sub-par garbage journalism. Join me won’t you?

First up we have the cutting edge research by Bleeding Cool assuming Perry Jones with OP Gaming society did not go through proper channels to get on SXSW. Lie number 1 


And here we have Polygon assuming that wanting ethics in journalism automatically makes one a danged ol dirty Gamergater. But of course the panel statement from people Polygon likes more and agrees with ideology wise is much more prevalently shown in their article. Bias much?  Lie number 2

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

Here we have Fusion dot com ‘highlighting the harassment done by Gamergate’ and not mentioning the pro-gg panelists as other than ‘well they were there yeah ok’ and chose to close with harassment narrative. More biased shit reporting. Lie number 3


Article by Austin 360.com that didn’t even ATTEMPT to reach out to Perry Jones from Op Gaming Society to get his side. Just posted an archive of their post about the event on their blog and where they got removed from the event. The article is splattered with opponents to Gamergate and is one sided shit biased reporting in 6 paragraphs closing the article Lie number 4 


The Verge reached out to Perry Jones but ran the article due to his ‘not immediate’ response well knowing the flurry of articles this controversy would cause, Verge just shit out of their mouths unabashedly in print as well with biased one sided horrid reporting. Not surprising. Lie # 5 


Here we have Gawker’s feminist scratching post blog Jezebel spreading more biased reporting on one side of the story and takes no effort to reach out to Perry Jones, the owner of OP Gaming Society for comment but the reporter is fine with showcasing her friends. ”ethics amirite” Lie number 6


This one from Outhouse dot com is quite fitting being as outhouse is where you take a shit and that’s where this article belongs, in the outhouse because it’s shit biased one sided reporting. Lie # 7


This gem from NY Times mentions Anita Sarkeesian. Anita has nothing to do with Gamergate. She injected herself into the controversy. Nobody was talking about her until she injected herself into it and now cries ‘I’m a target’ at every turn. You know it,I know it, the world knows it. Lie number 8


ArsTechnica showcasing and celebrating the previously planned panel with opponents of Gamergate way more than the one that had those sympathetic to it in the panel and went as far as to get comments from the opponents and further try to imply that Savepoint is a ruse made by Gamergate but didn’t reach out to Perry Jones of Op Gaming Society. More biased shitmouth reporting. Lie # 9


Mashable reporter outright called Gamergate a ”hate group”. Another example of shitmouth biased reporting once again. Lie #10



Slate reporter with clear bias and has never even attempted to reach out to Gamergate supporters to find out they are indeed not all ”women harassers.” Shitmouth bias rears its ugly head again. Lie #11 


Clear bias by Kotaku writer treating Gamergate like Voldemort and any who speak of it are doomed to peril. Shitmouth bias for number 12,Alex


Engadget reporter decided to casually omit the fact that there is indisputable proof that journalists ”targeted” by Gamergate have been very unethical and borderline psychotic in their reporting practices; but they go on to again mention Anita Sarkeesian who has nothing to do with Gamergate. That is until she injected herself into it and cried harassment after posting inflammatory statements online about gaming and gamers like she has for years before Gamergate even became a thing. Shitmouth bias keeps happening. it’s like clockwork Lie # 13


The reporter from ReCode’s opening statement outright called Gamergate a hate mob. Clear bias. I had fun with this guy and told him on Twitter he looked like a shit that John Travolta took from looking at his awkward selfie profile pic and he blocked us. Can’t handle the banter, can ya, eh shitmouth? lie # 14. Don’t even bother reading it.


Motherboard article stated the opponents of Gamergate panel was better than the one with pro Gamergate people in it and said Gamergate does nothing but ‘run online planned harassment campaigns.’ ShitMoutherboard lie # 15. Clear bias and shoddy reporting


This one from Gamespot was pretty vanilla and vague. No mention of Gamergate, but it was linked to the ‘Gamergate controversy’ on Wikipedia that is ran by a slew of editors that apparently have nothing more to do with their free time. Whatever floats your boat, dudes. The entire Wikipedia on Gamergate is wrought with lies and bullshit. Don’t even look at it. It’s a garbage and lies # 16


Article by KEYETV dot com is fairly neutral and information mostly. This one gets a ”no shitmouth” ruling as it doesn’t display clear bias and agenda pushing. Kudos to KEYE.


Shitmouth biased reporting instance #17 comes from none other than Buzzfeed. The bias and agenda in this article is palpable as the author states that Gamergate is only about ‘harassing women’ and that nobody on the internet does any research and will swallow their opinion like people swallow their clickbait life hack lists they steal from Tumblr or their pathetic attempts at political posturing by their writers 


General article by Slashdot. Nothing special


Arthur ‘Chu Chu Train it ends tonight’ wacko ex Jeopardy winner turned blogger for Daily Beast throws his hat into the shitmouth lies ring for #18


Examiner dot com reporter did no research into who Perry Jones is or that he owns Open Gaming Society and planned the Savepoint panel, but gushed over the one made up of opponents of Gamergate. Not sure if shitmouth and just lazy reporting so I’m withholding judgment on this one and leave it to the comment section.


Number 19 on the shitmouth bias reporting list comes from NBC. Author goes on to say Gamergate is known more for cyberattacking women than talking about ethical journalism discussion. Lie # 19 for clicks.


Billboard doling out the shitmouth biased reporting for lie number 20. Reporter states all of internet harassment = Gamergate. Good job Billboard. Way to research your subject and not reach out to anyone prior to this article.


Shitmouth agenda driven biased journalism coming from Refinery29.com and it’s more of the same lies clocking in at number 21. The article starts by blaming Gamergate for harassing all women. No research put in, it was just swallowed and regurgitated crap from other places. The only good part is the realization of Katherine Cross noting she will never be known for anything else but related to Gamergate.


A german site named Gamestar mentioned Gamergate in the form of how bomb threats have been levied against it everytime a gathering of people come together to speak about anything related to it, which is actually true. There’s been bomb threats against 2 different Gamergate gatherings so far in Washington DC with journalist Milo Yiannopolis in attendance and another at an SPJ conference named Airplay in Miami Florida.  No shitmout bias on this one.


Shitmouth lie number 22 comes from Rueters. It’s not about sexism in gaming culture. Opportunists made it about sexism in gaming culture. article dismissed.


The Mary Sue is just a horrid dumpster fire posing as articles. Browse at your own risk. Shitmouth biased lie # 23 here is implying that even being related to Gamergate in a positive light is worse than the burning from 1000 suns. The harpies at The Mary Sue are all hacks and are lucky to be in journalism. Anyone who would willingly give a platform to admitted pedophiles isn’t worth my time or your time or clicks.


Speaking of giving platforms to pedophiles, we have Salon here with shitmouth biased reporting checking in at # 24 in our list of horrid poorly researched slapped together shit pieces about SXSW and the panels that were cancelled. Salon author proceeded to moralize and pontificate about how bad SXSW fucked up but they don’t have any idea and just whined for about 10 paragraphs only stopping to gush about how bad Gamergate is and how the people against it are pure angels who do no wrong.


PC Gaming with shitmouth biased lie # 25 getting the Zoepost absolutely wrong. It’s not just about her trading sexual favors for favorable coverage, it’s about an abusive relationship at the hands of an evil, manipulative screeching shrew who treated Eron Gjoni like human refuse and then he’s been painted as the bad guy for over a year now for releasing her abusive behavior for the world to see.



BBC piece on this controversy is fairly ok, mostly neutral. 


Here we clear bias and lazy research from Daily Kos reporter who shit this article out of his mouth and didn’t even reach out to Perry Jones, the organizer of Savepoint panel for OP gaming society, and just took a quote from an opponent of Gamergate but mentioned Gamergate in article. No quotes from pro gg panelists at all. Lie # 26


Ian Douglas literally triggered live by #Gamergate while writing this article. Some journalists need to step back and look at the big picture. Clear bias, shitmouth lie # 27 for The Telegraph


Shitmouth lie #28 by Giantbomb via not realizing that harassing people while being a harasser one’s self is not ‘critiquing, studying, and writing about’ Gamergate. It’s abuse and Harper is an abuser. She’s not a hero.  Harper wants no discussion with anyone. She just wants to fling shit in all directions and then play the victim.


Shitmouth bias from progressive rag ThinkProgress automatically implying that gender based harassment and Gamergate go hand in hand. I tire of debunking you peoples’ lies so I’m just going to link a cat picture. Enjoy. Lie # 28


2nd paragraph down in Digg article we have yet another shitmouth lie from author Steve Rousseau. The term ‘social justice warrior’ existed years before Gamergate you idiot. Do your research and be a journalist for once. Lie # 29


Wired  really pulled out all the shitmouth stops on this pile of hot garbage called an article for lie # 30. The author pontificates about how Gamergate is nothing but a bunch of trolls harassing poor innocent women. Stellar research from ‘I am Game Journalism’ herself Leigh Alexander aka ‘Drunky McShitfaced at a GiantBomb podcast’ 


Wired author continues the shitmouth tradition closing out my article with lie #31. The author clearly has a bias in the form of gushing about the opponents of the movement itself on the Level Up panel and just casually mentions the other SavePoint panel that happened to have people who were sympathetic to the revolt’s ideas of ethical journalism and treats it like a scarlet letter / Voldemort from Harry Potter ‘one who must not be named.’

Screenshot_44 Screenshot_45



So in closing, i just like to say a big ‘fuck you’ to you lazy journalists that refuse to fact check anything and run of feelings alone. If I’m gonna do your job, then send me your paychecks and get it over with. Thanks for reading!


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