There’s a new player in the scene of the gaming industry looking to dispel the myth that all gamers are angry white men and this one is picking up quite a bit of steam with Hollywood elites such as Stan Lee, Jamie Lee Curtis, Weird Al Yankovic, and SHAQ to name a few. This campaign is going to be on Indiegogo and is funding a social media platform that will instead celebrate gamers and gaming industry instead of pushing the ‘everything you love about games is sexist and you should feel bad’ narrative plaguing the industry. 

We reached out to Jace on Twitter and he told us this. His heart is in the right place and we wish him best of luck over here on WTF Magazine :

I’ve been playing videogames for 26 years. I started on the NES way back when Super Mario bros and Duck Hunt were the greatest thing ever. I then moved onto titles like Megaman and Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. I was ruined after that and fell in love with gaming. I’ve watched this industry go through the growing pains of the 80s and 90s back when gaming made you satanic and now in the 2000s and 2010s gaming makes you sexist and racist. I’m tired of my hobby being used by political handwringers pushing agendas.

Fuck the noise, play vidya and live life to the fullest.