Since it’s release a few weeks ago I’ve been obsessed with Fallout. This game has sucked up about 86 hours of my life and I still feel like I’m only scratching the surface of its capabilities. The introduction of the character actually speaking is a nice surprise and definitely new to the Fallout games that I’ve played in the past.


The immersion in this game is insane and the mods that are available now may just trump Skyrim in the selection of what you can do or modify in the game. The most fun mod I have come across so far is the one where you can turn your baby Sean into a mininuke to launch at enemies.

I’m almost at the end, I think, so I won’t spoil the game too early on. I will give some pointers, at least, to get familiar with the crafting and scavenging part of the game or you’ll find yourself lacking in supplies very often and it’s damn near impossible to run and gun in this game without cheating of course which is nice. The game makes you actually have to put in time to grind and build your character up before advancing into certain areas. The sidequests do get a bit repetitive. I’ve cleared out so many ghouls, supermutants, and raider incursions that I’ve lost count. I probably ruined a lot of the story in the process due to burning some bridges with allies but holy shit the side quests….


Another gripe I have about the game is you get some pretty powerful equipment fairly early on but the ammo is limited, plus your quests aren’t really paying out in enough caps to keep stocked up in ammo. Otherwise you’re killing supermutants and raiders with a switchblade or a shovel and dying….a lot. That’s one of the biggest downfalls of the game. The pacing is kind of stunted at the start due to that happening and makes it tough to progress due to spending all the money you make just to stay stocked up in ammo.

This is where the salvaging materials plays a part in the game but, again, it slows the progression down to a crawl because you’re scrounging around picking up baseballs, ashtrays, forks, lighters, knives, anything that can be scrapped for parts or sold to merchants to buy more equipment. I grew up playing RPG’s so I can’t complain too awful much about grinding. At least I can avoid battles if I know I’m gonna die unlike traditional RPG games.


In closing, would I recommend Fallout 4 to a casual fan of the series or those new to these types of games? Absolutely, but I’d warn you beforehand to be prepared to be frustrated and confused for the most of the beginning. On the other hand, that’s what makes a good game well…a good game. It forces you to use your brain to figure out the right tactic to progess into it and achieve your goals. It’s quite rewarding the more you progress and higher levels you achieve. The perks are useful in later levels whenever you get into the settlements and building towns aspect part of the game. I could go into a whole other article on THAT part but I will save it for another time.

May Todd bless you in your travels, wastelander


Oh and here’s a fun little video I ran across. Enjoy and praise vidya!

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