Today Twitter blew up with some explosive news about Ellen Pao stepping down from Reddit today as interim CEO after a series of mismanagement and mishaps. She was criticized endlessly for what seems to be a heartless approach to running the site; after an online uprising against her type of management sprung up on the heels of a man being let go for having cancer, and firing a woman who ran the AMA’s,the site’s direction might actually recover.

Today’s been a great win for the users of Reddit and all should be proud. Aaron Swartz’s legacy that is Reddit may now survive after all theopportunists defending Pao’s iron fisted running of Reddit. Enjoy yourselves everyone. Drink a beer and celebrate a victory for free speech today on Reddit.



The reactions to Pao’s resignation have been resoundingly positive and in agreement to the majority of the users of Reddit. Here’s some good reactions from just now

Ellen Pao’s resignation came from her ineptitude as an executive and not from due to sexism. I’m heading that off at the pass right now because firing a man with cancer is just inexcusable in this author’s humble opinion. Maybe Reddit can recover from the massive drop in traffic from all these horrible decisions when Pao was at the helm but only time will tell.

There is a petition that has reached over 200,000 signatures asking for her to step down from Reddit and it seems it was successful today. We’ll see how the other publications try to spin this story but as far as I’m concerned this is a positive decision and hopefully improves the user experience on the site as a user of it myself.