*Disclosure, this is just my opinion on what games looked cool to me. please don’t kill me*

One of the biggest highlights, so far, is the new Final Fantasy 7 remake announced by Sony and SquareEnix which a lot of fans of the franchise have been clamoring to get for years. Hopefully they just skip 8 and go right to remaking 9 next. A man can dream!  Anyway, the trailer looked great and I’m sure a lot of Final Fantasy fans are hyped as much as I am.

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Another late comer wrought with nostalgia is the announcement and reveal of gameplay of the game ‘The Last Guardian.’ Announced by Sony it was thought to have been shelved and given up on almost 10 years ago. It was nice to see the footage and I, along with many others, are looking forward to checking this game out once it drops.Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

The new Deus Ex game was further teased with gameplay footage that also looks amazing. This entire series is worth checking out if you haven’t played them. They touch on a lot of issues, including discrimination, with the main protagonist being an augmented human that people target because they’re afraid of his kind.



This game caught my attention BIG TIME. Anytime you can sneak around Metal Gear Solid style and fight robot dinosaurs with a bow and arrow, I’m all about it. I’m really looking forward to Horizon : Zero Dawn as well.


The newest addition to the Hitman series was announced that had me squealing with excitement. This series is one of the best I’ve ever played. There’s just something about sneaking around and killing bad guys in various ways, then masking one’s presence that makes me enjoy these games a lot. I’m very much looking forward to it indeed


Fire Emblem’s latest addition called Fire Emblem Fates looked awesome.  I might just pick up a 3DS to play this one. I’ve been meaning to buy one anyway and this game is as good a reason as any I guess.



There were TONS more games that I’m sure to have missed that are worth checking out but again this is a collection of the ones that caught my interest personally. If you, the fans, think of any more feel free to comment below and let us know what you think is worth a look and I’ll be sure to check em all out! Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya next time!

For now, have a meme I made in honor of the nightmare fuel from the SquareEnix conference earlier today.


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