Remember the time when your parents talked to you about the birds and the bees? Where people come together one night and partake in a series of seizure-like movements that what may be called “making love.” Usually, this act causes one of three things: regret, alcoholism, and children. Well, someone decided to get together to make this character that loves to hurt man’s best friend.


When you don’t see any regret in their eyes, you know he deserves the maximum.

Meet the lovable William Dodson, 41, who was arrested in North Charleston and charged with animal cruelty. Apparently one night his lovely pet Caitlyn, a Staffordshire bull terrier mix, was loud and barking that his owner was a marvelous piece of shit. So in order to get some peace and quiet, rather than train the dog that you own to behave better, he opted to put a makeshift muzzle on his pet by taping her mouth shut tightly, to the point that it caused permanent damage to her mouth and tongue.

(WARNING: This picture may disturb some, view discretion is advised)


What decent human being has capacity to do this damage to a dog they raised?

This dog decided that enough was enough. Sadly being in the state that she was in (her mouth being taped shut and couldn’t really bite her owner in the genitals), so the next best thing would be going over to the neighbors and waiting for them to hear her whine. To which, the owner of Caitlyn is now seeing justice. However, in the state he resides in, he is issued a punishment that is within the same range as someone stealing $100.

That’s why this issue of The Daily Scumbag pertains to not only those jerks who think its rational to hurt an animal, rather than train them to act better in the long run, but also those who issued the punishment on this deviant. I mean he won’t see a long term in jail. It makes this writer very glad to see that a federal law is going to be in effect to make animal abuse crime a crime along the same rank as homicide, arson, and assault.


If you notice that this dog is bad because it’s a pitbull, you are the problem. 

Just a healthy reminder to those who think this is a thing, the dog is only as good as its owner. If you raise it to be hateful and you act that way toward your pet, it will react in such a way. The same in the opposite way. You give your love to an animal and gave it proper training, you can avoid having the thought process of duct taping your dog’s mouth and cause permanent damage. Dog’s learn from how we act and feel towards others and the world at large.

There’s a reason why we call dogs: man’s best friend. Be sure to treat them like it.