It’s common knowledge for Americans that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution permits the right to possess firearms. While the need for certain kinds of firearms may vary, depending on where you may reside; this story shows that usage being exercised to the fullest – despite concerns from passengers.

In Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport a man was carrying just such a weapon on his person, while he and his wife went to drop off his daughter for her flight. Fully aware that he was wasn’t violating any laws – since he claims to have a full understanding of gun laws in the state of Georgia – that did not, however, stop concerns being raised, even those of police officers.



Jim Cooley (left) pictured with his daughter, carrying a fully packed AR-15 rifle

 “You never know where something might happen,” said Cooley. He claimed to not have any concern with displaying his rifle and exercising his 2nd Amendment rights, although he was limited to where he could have his firearm in the world’s busiest airport.

“You can carry in unsecured areas of the airport. Past TSA, never,” Cooley stated.

Which is all that he did within the grounds. Despite acting within the rights that are protected by state and federal legislation, that did not stop a fire marshall and airport authorities from questioning him and informing him that he was scaring passengers.

“Why should anyone come up to me and ask me why I’m doing something I have the right to do? –  It’s like asking you, ‘Why are you breathing?'” he told news agencies.

Did we miss anything? What do you think? Is he right to bring a firearm into an airport? Or should he have more concern for the public? Let us know in the comments!!