Clutch have always been one of the most goddamn badass and fun bands in the world of rock and roll. Their hard rocking booty shaking madness will always own a piece of my heart; so in many ways it is very reassuring that their new record, the almighty Psychic Warfare goes above and beyond anything that the band has ever done before. We find ourselves charmed, not just by big riffs but also doomy acoustic numbers – marking one of Clutch’s most diverse records to date. Bombastic and fun – this is what Clutch has always been about – and now, three decades in, they are producing some of their best work yet.

There is a distinct poetry to Neil Fallon’s lyrics that rivals even Willie Nelson. The fact of the matter is that this dude knows how to craft a fucking tune and the images he conjures in epics like Our Lady Of Electric Light are just as potent as his high powered anthemic choruses. Musically these guys are as tight as ever with some of their most high powered and memorable riffs to date. Tim Sult seems to be reveling in the new jam-oriented style of writing that Clutch has employed on recent records – making for music that is far more fun than your average rock fare. Toss in a few high powered guitar solos and it’s hard not to fall in love with the bands triumphant understanding of the nature of the genre.

The fact of the matter is that Clutch are just as dedicated to the spirit of rock and roll as ever – and perhaps even moreso. These guys are among the leaders of a movement and seem destined to be the kings of the new generation of rock bands tearing up the American countryside. There is a very distinct flair to Psychic Warfare that, in my opinion, puts it well beyond Earth Rocker and if these hard grooving tunes continue to define the direction of Clutch then I feel pretty damn confident saying that these guys will reign proudly for years, if not decades to come.

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