Here’s a little game called Bellus Mortem from Australian gamedev studio Rhabdophobicwizards. It reminds me of the old Guantlet games on PC way back in the day minus the mobbing/being overrun by enemies and eventually dying miserably. It’s a nice time waster and free too. They are working on it as they go along and you can send any bugs you find to their email.  I’m looking forward to how this project ends up with more features and hopefully a story to back up the game itself. Check out some shots of it I took.


Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3


The characters are quite cute and the music is soothing. It’s definitely a nice way to waste time and again I look forward to seeing this game blossom into something wonderful. It definitely has potential. You can pick it up here on their site and be sure to follow their twitter to stay up on what they’re up to.