Today the hackers known as Team Impact made good on their threat to release the personal information of well known cheating on spouses site Ashley Madison today. There’s a thread on 8chan’s /pol/ board about it now and there are so many emails. There have been instances of Bank of America, IBM, Raytheon defense company, and Tony Blair’s gov’t office emails spotted already and the data is still coming. This leak has the potential to implicate CEOs, bankers, celebrities, politicians, business owners, and many others in powerful positions. There are 37 million registered accounts on the website making it the #1 source for people looking to cheat on their spouses.

Last month the hackers threatened to release the information if Ashley Madison didn’t shut down their site and stop operations.  The company refused to buckle and the hackers released all the info they have today — and oh man is it a big datadump. Here are some reactions from Twitter about it. This story is blowing up!

We broke the news yesterday here and on our Twitter

UPDATE 1 : Josh Duggar is first celebrity found with an Ashley Madison account

UPDATE 2: Sam Biddle with Gawker had an Ashley Madison account for ‘research’. Yeah right, I believe that. *eyeroll*


UPDATE 3: 15,000 Government emails in the leaks

UPDATE 4: The second Ashley Madison data leak is twice as big as first.

UPDATE 5: Chuck Johnson from confirms upcoming story about a major politician involved in scandal


UPDATE 6: released article on Democrat-turned-Republican politician Artur Davis found in leak

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3


UPDATE 7 : 20 minute video from Mister Metokur on the Ashley Madison leak

UPDATE 8: Sports columnist Dan Steinberg confirmed for having an account using the Washington Post’s work email address c/o




Oh boy. Looks like CNN has some explaining to do

Tony Blair’s gov’t email was found in this leak.



This story is still developing. The emails are now being cross-referenced on 8chan to make sure they match up with powerful people that are implicated in the leak. You can follow it here. It’s important to note than some of these emails could be burners and not go to anyone, but the fact remains that credit card information was also released. Ashley Madison’s site makes you sign up with a valid card and bank account and valid email. I’ll just leave that as it lies for now and let everyone else make their decision on what to believe. This leak is huge and we will see a LOT of big names coming out soon to issue public apologies and pleas for forgiveness and CEOs stepping down. This will be quite a circus.

Here is an archived version of the 8chan thread in case the live one gets saged/deactivated

Also if you’re interested in seeing if your name is in the email user dump, here’s a site linked to the database where you can search it. Found it on the 8chan thread about the dump. 37 million emails. Oh boy.

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