I hate censorship. I’ve been a target as has WTF’s brand with multiple instances of being censored on our FB page via report bombings. Having to constantly walk on pins and needles of what to post for fear of being reported to hell and back and getting our accounts taken down is a constant struggle. These types of actions irk me and when I see this PC culture we live in now is impacting video games being produced and available for me to play, it makes me wonder if being ‘inoffensive’ to everyone is worth it in the end. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

There’s a new hashtag popped up on Twitter on the heels of Dead or Alive 5 being censored from being available in the states due to fears of game journalists joining the screeching ‘everything is sexist, racist, whatever-ist i’m offended at that, ban it’ crowd for years and created a market climate with which that Japanese devs don’t even want to deal. I mean I can understand their point. Who wants to have their social media platforms bombarded by passive aggressive whining idiots who are offended at the fact that girls in bikinis are playing volleyball are in your game.

However, I do blame the proponents and endorsers of censorship that have taken hold in our society. I don’t know how to stop it other than talk about it. Check out what’s going on with the #1MillionGamersStrong tag on Twitter. It’s quite interesting to see all the sides of the story and other viewpoints. I always dig these stories when they pop up. At least it shows that apathy isn’t as set in as I thought it was and people actually care about censorship of art. If only there was a certain movement of gamers out there that happen to use a certain Twitter hashtag a lot as well that advocate against censorship and want games made the way the developers intended for them to be made…








There’s even a Change.org petition floating around that is asking Japanese devs to reconsider localizing their products

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