A 15 year old kid from Iowa just gamed the political polling system and created a presidential candidate by the name of ‘Deez Nuts’. I never thought in a million years I would be writing an article about ‘deez nuts’ but here I am and I’m laughing the entire time. This is for what the internet was made. This is the most absurdly hilarious thing I have seen in years and it’s just a reference to a shitty joke I used to use as a teenager. The fact that it’s trending on Twitter is amazing to me and I can’t stop laughing at some of these responses and of course we’re having fun with it at WTF as well.

Enjoy the shenanigans of ‘Deez Nuts’ from Twitter:

I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun myself on Twitter



Today, between the latest breaks in the Ashley Madison story we published earlier to a scandal with other outlets involving Shaun King pulling a Rachel Dolezal to now a presidential candidate named ‘Deez nuts’, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going but I’ve been laughing the whole time. Hope everyone has a great night.

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