Sam Carter from Architects on “All Our Gods have Abandoned Us”

Whether you’re a fan or not, Architects is a band whose tremendous hard work and dedication can only be lauded by anyone familiar with their career. The bands’ career roughly started around the time I started going to shows and have been relentlessly touring and releasing records ever since. With over a solid decades’ worth of shows under their belt, the band seems to know no stopping, growing stronger than ever, as demonstrated by their crowning achievement that was the crushing Lost Forever // Lost Together as well as their upcoming, highly anticipated follow-up titled All Our Gods have...

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Things will Matter – Interview with Lonely the Brave

A few years after marking their entrance unto the scene with a bang with a debut album and tours alongside Deftones, UK act Lonely the Brave are back, kicking off this summer with the release of their sophomore record as well as a handful of UK and European dates that will last them until September. The Cambridge-based rock act is quickly making a name for itself and certainly shows no signs or intention of slowing down. Here to discuss their upcoming full-length release as well as their impressive and ongoing rise to popularity, I got to catch up with...

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Interview with Full of Hell

Combining forces with The Body, Full of Hell have returned with yet another collaborative full-length effort. Following the release of Full of Hell & Merzbow back in 2014, One Day you Will Ache Like I Ache sees the band exploring new realms. With its 8 nightmare-inducing tracks delving at the threshold of extremity, the band further reinstate their fantastic ability to push boundaries with each release without ever repeating their last move. Whilst on their latest european tour alongside The Body, I got a chance to meet up with Full of Hell guitarist Spencer for a quick interview. You...

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I Interviewed Hatchet In New York’s Most Legendary Venue

Backstage at New York City’s most legendary venue, Hatchet seemed to be taking it all in stride. It makes sense after all, the dudes have been on the road almost non-stop for years – going through a variety of line-ups and fighting their way forward even though the odds have always been against them. These The End record signees are one of the most exciting bands in modern thrash, and now that it looks like they have a solid lineup together the sky is the limit. Find them on Facebook: Pre-Order The Record: How the hell are you? I’m...

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Into the uncanny Valley with Perturbator

After the distorted onslaught that was Dangerous Days, the newly crowned prince of synth darkness known as Perturbator is on the loose again and touring across Europe in anticipation for his upcoming full-length release The Uncanny Valley to be released next mont. Given the teasers, singles and music videos leading up to the launch date of the album, it should be fairly safe to expect an equally masterful delivery by the madman in the varsity jacket, who is visibly determined to surpass himself with this new record. Here to give us the final details on the album is none...

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