Biden’s Hit & Run

“Don’t judge Joe Biden’s driving skills based on motorcade’s recent accident in downtown Wilmington” reported Delawareonline. There was little else reported by the national media when Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade collided with several vehicles in Wilmington,...

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Shows Up While On A Date!!

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Shows Up While On A Date!! Tinder Prank! Ex Girlfriend Gone Wild Edition! We all have a crazy ex girlfriend, or ex boyfriend story, don't we? Well I thought I would put that to the test. I went on three dates with random girls off of Tinder. the...

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Fallout 4 Review

Since it's release a few weeks ago I've been obsessed with Fallout. This game has sucked up about 86 hours of my life and I still feel like I'm only scratching the surface of its capabilities. The introduction of the character actually speaking is a nice surprise and...

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Tattoos, cosplay, and drunken celebrities are just a few topics covered in the WTF? Photos collection.


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